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Education: Student Visa


Applying for a student visa in Indonesia

Before students can apply for a visa to study in Indonesia, they need to ensure that first and foremost all necessary fees have been paid in advance and also hold a letter of registration from the relevant educational institute in Indonesia.

Obtaining a student visa is a three-stage process of which the first step involves acquiring a social/cultural visit visa. The student visa can only be issued once the foreign student is physically in Indonesia.

The social/cultural visit visa is a single-entry visa and is only valid for a maximum of 60 days. Once in Indonesia, the student must apply to the Immigration Head Office to convert their social visit visa into a student visa.

Tourist visas are not convertible and therefore not valid.

Students will also need a stay permit, more commonly known as a temporary or limited stay permit. Typically, the Student Administration Office at the respective university or college will be able to assist with this.

If all steps are taken and verified, a Regional Immigration Office will issue the student visa and the temporary stay permit. Both are valid for 12 months and up to only four 12-month extensions can be granted.


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