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Working in Indonesia: Job Hunting


Looking for jobs on the internet in Indonesia is difficult as Indonesia is not an information-based society. Therefore the best way to go about seeking a job is to send out resumes to as many people as possible. Expatriates need to unlearn tricks familiar to an information-based society and focus instead of rudimentary methods of obtaining interviews; via networking and word of mouth.

Expatriates also have the option of joining an expatriate business association and are encouraged to attend as many functions as possible in order to hand out personal name cards and network with the local populace in the professional sectors.

While the information may not be as easily available in Indonesia, the internet can still assist and expatriates can post their resumes on several job forum sites on the internet. They can also contact a Jakarta Executive Search or Recruiting firm throughout Asia for potential openings. While there is no firm in Jakarta or Indonesia as a whole that deals specifically with expatriates for Indonesian companies, it may be possible to obtain a position from another company from Singapore or Hong Kong that are looking for new hires for their offices in Indonesia.

Last but not least, it is crucial for expatriates to familiarize themselves with Bahasa Indonesia as it is the nation’s native and 1st language and it used in all manner of life there, be it personal or professional. An expatriate that speaks the language has a slightly better chance of being hired or short listed for a position than one who does not.


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