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Things You Need to Know to Live in Jakarta


The decision of where should you live in Jakarta will be influenced by several factors:

Affordability - Your company will provide you with a budget for housing. The budget will quickly narrow down the standard of rental property and location. In the past, most property owners require lump sum rental payments of one to three years in advance. Given the current glut of houses on the market you should find that owners are more flexible in their terms. One year contracts are now commonplace and even monthly rental payments are often accepted for apartments. Ensure that your company is prepared to pay your rent up front.

Rental accommodation can be fully or partially furnished or unfurnished. Ask your company if there is an allowance for purchasing furniture and household necessities. This will help you decide what to ship. If you like a particular house but it lacks appliances, you can negotiate with the landlord to provide these items.

Travel time from home to the office and schools - You will be faced with traffic jams in large cities in Indonesia. Evaluate how long it would take to travel from your prospective housing to the office, schools and leisure activities. Before renting a house or apartment, test the commute during peak rush hours in the morning and evening. You and your children will be making these journeys throughout your stay, so check this out carefully.

Proximity to recreation, social or sporting facilities - List activities that your family would most probably participate in. For example, sporting activities, music lessons or club activities. Ask your real estate agent to show you where prominent expat activity and sports centers are. You may chose to be active in expatriate community associations, so it would be worthwhile to visit these associations and evaluate what activities are available. Supermarkets and shopping malls are found throughout Jakarta. It may also be useful to measure travel time to these facilities as well.

How far you will find places to eat - Jakarta is a big city which have so many restaurants and cafes. You must make sure that your agent have directions aboutwhere to get one, not only in malls, but also in small outdoor places like "pujasera". "Pujasera" is a place where you can find varies of food stalls.

Health centre - Nobody wants to be ill but you have to where to go when you do along with the location of health centres in your area. Health centre includes clinics and hospitals. You may want to make a list of the he health centres' phone numbers. It will be an advantage for you if you have a neighbor whose occupation is a doctor.

Worship facilities - Your agent must clearly explain to you about other important public facilities like places for worship. Make sure that you known where they are located.

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